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  • Version2.4.0
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.3
  • GenreAction
  • Google PlayOpen

PUBG MOBILE is the most popular battle royale game on android. You have to fight with other participants and try to survive on a huge island with an area of ​​8×8 km. In the mobile version, 100 players can take part in battles at the same time. The application contains everything that gamers love so much in the computer version. For example, self-collecting materials, as well as playing solo and squads.

Users most often played PUBG on consoles or computers. The mobile version of PUBG MOBILE duplicates and supplements the original version, making it more lively and faster. The gamer needs to choose what role he will perform: to survive in a harsh reality or to fight enemies as part of a squad. Role-playing games help hone patience, attentiveness, and develop imagination.

The creators of the game PUBG MOBILE for Android used the Unreal Engine 4 in order to make the picture as realistic as possible. The battle of the characters takes place in a certain place. The circle is gradually narrowing and you need to be very nimble to win. Outside the combat zone, the character gradually loses strength and loses health. To win, the gamer does not have to stand in the same place, you can change the place of deployment.

In PUBG MOBILE, the character can not only walk, but also use all kinds of vehicles. For example, there are boats, motorcycles, racing cars, cars. The developers are constantly updating the application, of the latter – the mega acceleration function. But transport may not always work. It needs to be refueled, and this requires fuel. If you find him, you can quickly move around the island in any type of transport.

PUBG MOBILE uses a system of social interaction within the game. Just like in any social network, you can carry out correspondence with colleagues. There is a possibility to revive the correspondence with the help of smiles, there is a function of sending voice messages. This can be done on a regular basis or from time to time to coordinate the team’s work. For convenience, you can adjust the sound volume.

Features of the game PUBG MOBILE

  • A wide range of different weapons: there are burning brands, large swords and knives, maces and more. The features of each type of weapon have quite strong ballistics. There are also unusual types – a frying pan and simple hand-to-hand combat.
  • Anti cheat. This is a test of honesty. The application has a built-in verification system, so you won’t be able to deceive the system.
  • The character is not always strong and capable of engaging in any battle. To restore health, bandages, medications, pills, injections, energy cocktails and more are provided.
  • Miramar update. Gamers will love the fresh graphics, new resources, and improved weapons and items. Your character will be able to experience new sensations on a racing car and show all his skill in driving a car.
  • Sandstorm is one of the new attractions. These extremely dangerous conditions will help you experience new emotions. Turn on this mode and enjoy.
  • Fun park. It can be used for communication: here you can have a great time with a company of 20 people. Together you can chat, dance, barbecue and more.
  • Bluehole mode is a puzzle game, install it on your smartphone and test your capabilities at the royal party.

You can download the game PUBG MOBILE for Android using the active link below.

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