Swamp Attack

Swamp Attack

  • Updated
  • Version4.1.4.291
  • RequirementsAndroid 5.0
  • GenreAction
  • Google PlayOpen

Swamp Attack is an exciting action game, where events unfold in the American outback, in the state of Louisiana. There, in the middle of a large stinking swamp, teeming with huge mosquitoes and other nasty creatures, stands an old, rickety wreck. This is where the main character lives. Every evening he sits on his veranda, listens to his favorite radio station, sways in his chair and gets bored. This is a classic villager who does not care about complex thoughts. In one hand the character holds a bottle of beer, in the other he holds an old gun. Nothing portends changes in the monotonous life of a man.

In the game Swamp Attack, unexpected swamp monsters suddenly invade the calm world of the hero. Terrible monsters surround the hut and try to devour the owner. To survive, he is forced to shoot back with his old gun. But it’s only good for the first time. The farmer will have to purchase more powerful weapons. The local shop sells machine guns, machine guns, sticks of dynamite, Molotov cocktails and much more. To cope with the swamp creatures, you need to constantly increase the character’s combat arsenal. For weapons and explosives, you can pay with the money received for the destruction of monsters.

At first, the main character does not understand where all this evil spirits came from in his calm swamp. What he doesn’t know is that for years a certain corporation has been dumping toxic waste there. The poisonous bright green liquid changed the original inhabitants of the swamp, turned ordinary animals into vicious bloodthirsty creatures, obsessed with one desire – to kill. At the initial levels, the peasant is attacked by pretty cute bears. But over time, the crowd of monsters grows. Huge toothy alligators, beavers with chainsaws, mosquitoes with large sharp stings and other monsters appear in it.

To protect yourself from the invasion, the inhabitant of the hut should use a variety of weapons. He can block all the paths to the house with barriers built from improvised materials. Mines should be placed in waterways. Flying creatures are easier to shoot with a rifle or machine gun. Floating monsters are easier to neutralize with explosives. The user will have a fierce battle. The confrontation will continue until at least one monster remains in the swamp. But there is a risk that the farmer will lose. If he runs out of ammo, the creatures will crawl up to the shack and devour him.

Monsters defend well and can attack quickly. To deal with them, you need to carefully consider your defense strategy. The player should constantly monitor the amount of ammunition and the supply of vital energy. Otherwise, at the most inopportune moment, he risks being left without bullets and explosives. And the animals are just waiting for such a moment to pounce on the farmer and devour him. Health also needs to be replenished in time, otherwise there will not be enough strength to reach the end. If the character is grabbed by an alligator, he will lose half his life.

Features of the game Swamp Attack

  • Lots of interesting levels and challenging missions.
  • Dynamic gameplay.
  • Large selection of weapons and explosives.
  • Scary, dangerous and very cunning monsters.
  • Bright and beautiful cartoon graphics.
  • Well-chosen musical accompaniment.

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