Way of Stalker

Way of Stalker

  • Updated
  • Version0.6.3
  • RequirementsAndroid 4.1
  • GenreAction

Way of Stalker is an exciting and interesting arcade action game with a captivating storyline, atmospheric graphics and simple mechanics. The game takes the participant into a dangerous and eerie world, where a terrible catastrophe has occurred. Many years have passed, but the surroundings of Chernobyl remain the Exclusion Zone. No one really knows what is happening in the contaminated area. Only desperate brave men make their way there, pursuing different goals. Some are attracted by scientific curiosity, others by abandoned resources, and still others by the opportunity to fight feral monsters and win glory.

In the game Way of Stalker for android, the participant will have to go to the Forbidden Zone and try their luck in epic battles with mutants and other inhabitants of the abandoned lands. He will have to survive in difficult and dangerous conditions, endure hardships, overcome obstacles and fight to get provisions, weapons and ammunition. They are hidden in secret places of large locations, among which there is even an underground level. Resources are scarce, so finding and recapturing them won’t be so easy! There is always a risk of encountering opponents or monsters who also claim prey.

The mined resources and found things can be sold or changed. The Way of Stalker project includes several large detailed maps and 7 types of weapons. This is not much, but the developers regularly add additional content. The multiplayer mode is well implemented, which allows you to play together with friends. Only by teaming up with reliable allies can you defeat powerful bosses! Simplified graphics have long been an integral part of the project. She will not spoil the experience. The game will appeal to children and adults.

Features of the game Way of Stalker

  • Recognizable pixel art.
  • Several large open locations.
  • Regular updates from the developer company.
  • High-quality multiplayer, the ability to find allies.

You can download the game Way of Stalker for android using the active link below.

Way of Stalker
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